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How often should hyperbaric therapy be used?

For hyperbaric oxygen, a minimum of 5 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber is recommended to experience the first significant effects. The frequency of using oxygen therapy should be not less than 2 times a week, it is associated with the level of stem cells, gradually decreasing after about 4 days. It should be remembered that the number of sessions in the hyperbaric chamber is a very individual matter. Usually, people using oxygen therapy seeing the positive effects of hyperbaria, prolong the treatment by next sessions in the hyperbaric chambers. The OxyBed studio in Gdańsk offers packages for 5-10-15-20 sessions. After purchasing the subscription, the mobilization of using the benefits of oxygen therapy increases.

Is hyperbaria appropriate at all ages?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be successfully used at every stage of our lives. Oxygen therapy supports our body in many processes The use of oxygen therapy for children with autism clearly improves their mental condition. Young people who want to improve their results in sport can achieve this effect faster by using hyperbaric chambers. Seniors and people affected by diseases, thanks to the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, will support their bodies in repair processes. The spectrum of use of hyperbaric chambers is very wide and there are no age restrictions for people who want to use hyperbaric oxygen therapy. OxyBed hyperbaric studio in Gdańsk is a place where people of all ages can profit from the benefits of oxygen therapy.

Is oxygen therapy safe?

In our hyperbaric chamber, we use 1.3 ATA pressure and 96% oxygen concentration. The use of oxygen therapy does not create complications, and the only side effect may be a headache and fatigue after the first or second session. It is different in the case of standard hyperbaric chambers where the pressure exceeds 2 ATA. They are used in the treatment for patients with carbon monoxide poisoning, severe burns, deeply healing deep wounds. This is the position of the European Society for Hyperbaric Medicine. OxyBed hyperbaric chambers in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz provide a safe oxygen therapy.

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