About us

Oxy­Bed Stu­dio is a gre­at pla­ce in Lower Wrzeszcz in Gdańsk, whe­re you can enjoy the gre­at effects of Hyper­ba­ric The­ra­py with us.

Hyper­ba­ric The­ra­py has a posi­ti­ve effect on your health, beau­ty, well-being, and con­se­qu­en­tly, on the quali­ty of your life.

Drop by and we will tell you how oxy­gen the­ra­py has chan­ged our lives and we will sha­re our own experiences.

Make yourself at home. 

In our Stu­dio, we have two hyper­ba­ric cham­bers, and we have dedi­ca­ted par­king spa­ces for our clients, so you’ll always have a pla­ce to leave your car.

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