About Hyperbaric Therapy

HBOT The­ra­py (Hyper­ba­ric Oxy­gen The­ra­py) is a non-inva­si­ve and pain­less method invo­lving high con­cen­tra­tion oxy­gen-bre­athing under ele­va­ted pres­su­re in a spe­cial­ly desi­gned hyper­ba­ric chamber.

During a ses­sion in a spe­cial­ly desi­gned hyper­ba­ric cham­ber, you rece­ive high con­cen­tra­tion oxy­gen under ele­va­ted pres­su­re con­di­tions. This allows oxy­gen to enter the less-blo­oded are­as or pla­ces whe­re it is needed more effectively.

Being in a hyper­ba­ric cham­ber sti­mu­la­tes the body, nouri­shes hypo­xic cells, and thus streng­thens the immu­ne sys­tem and helps you with recovery.



Take care of your health by regu­lar use of Hyper­ba­ric The­ra­py in our chambers.

Many stu­dies and rese­arch con­firm the bene­fi­cial effect of hyper­ba­ric the­ra­py on our health.

Hyperbaric therapy supports:

Beauty and wellness

Help your skin look beau­ti­ful, impro­ve your meta­bo­lism and stop the effects of aging

The incre­ased amo­unt of stem cells and oxy­gen allows the skin to be nouri­shed at many levels. Your skin rega­ins its natu­ral glow, color, and beau­ty becau­se during the ses­sion weak and old cells are repla­ced by new ones.

Oxy­gen the­ra­py sup­ports the tre­at­ment of skin dise­ases such as acne or ecze­ma. In an oxy­ge­na­ted body, the meta­bo­lism spe­eds up, and the slim­ming pro­cess effects are seen more quickly.

Hyperbaric Therapy has a positive effect on:


Impro­ve your life records with us!

Ses­sions in our hyper­ba­ric cham­ber impro­ve phy­si­cal per­for­man­ce, acce­le­ra­te musc­le reco­ve­ry and redu­ce reco­ve­ry time after injuries.

Oxy­ge­na­tion incre­ases the amo­unt of ATP nuc­le­oti­des, which is the main ener­gy car­rier in your body. Musc­les have fuel for lon­ger and more inten­se training. 

The time it takes for rege­ne­ra­tion after micro­trau­mas and for the meta­bo­lism of lac­tic acid that is in your musc­les is redu­ced. The body reco­vers faster betwe­en workouts.

Hyperbaric Therapy has a positive effect on:

What are the contraindications
for using a hyperbaric chamber?

Despi­te so many bene­fi­cial pro­fits asso­cia­ted with Oxy­gen The­ra­py, unfor­tu­na­te­ly, the­re are also situ­ations in which the use of hyper­ba­ric cham­bers is not recommended.

Unconditional contraindications

With the fol­lo­wing con­tra­in­di­ca­tions, it is not possi­ble to use Hyper­ba­ric Therapy.

Relative contraindications

They requ­ire the patient to con­sult the­ir doctor so that he or she can bene­fit from Hyper­ba­ric Therapy

If you are in doubt whe­ther any of the­se con­di­tions is a con­tra­in­di­ca­tion to hyper­ba­ric cham­ber the­ra­py, ple­ase discuss this with your doctor. 

It is worth to remem­ber that despi­te the fact that oxy­gen the­ra­py in a hyper­ba­ric cham­ber is a non-inva­si­ve pro­ce­du­re, it may have sli­ght side effects in the form of fati­gue and heada­che In par­ti­cu­lar after the first and second sessions.

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Therapy suitable for children

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