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Oxy­Bed Stu­dio is a pla­ce in the southern part of Wrzeszcz in Gdansk, whe­re you can enjoy the gre­at effects of.
Rega­in your strength and vita­li­ty during ses­sions in our hyper­ba­ric cham­bers. Stop by to reach a new level of your body oxy­ge­na­tion.
We have two hyper­ba­ric cham­bers and our custo­mers can use dedi­ca­ted par­king spa­ces.

How Hyperbaric Therapy can help you
Hyperbaric therapy


Bre­athing with enri­ched oxy­gen under con­di­tions of incre­ased atmo­sphe­ric pres­su­re has a posi­ti­ve effect on health and sup­ports the tre­at­ment of many dise­ases and con­di­tions. Thanks to the tre­at­ments in the hyper­ba­ric cham­ber You will feel bet­ter after each ses­sion and you will be 100% rechar­ged aga­in.

Beauty and wellness

Hyper­ba­ric the­ra­py incre­ases col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and acce­le­ra­tes all levels of skin rene­wal. The the­ra­py main­ta­ins a beau­ti­ful skin appe­aran­ce, impro­ve your meta­bo­lism and stop the effects of aging.


Ses­sions in our hyper­ba­ric cham­ber will impro­ve your phy­si­cal fit­ness, acce­le­ra­te musc­le rege­ne­ra­tion and redu­ce reco­ve­ry time after inju­ries.

What is Hyperbaric Therapy?

HBOT The­ra­py (Hyper­ba­ric Oxy­gen The­ra­py) is a non-inva­si­ve and pain­less method invo­lving high­ly con­cen­tra­ted oxy­gen-bre­athing under ele­va­ted pres­su­re in a spe­cial­ly desi­gned hyper­ba­ric cham­ber.

The­re are 2 hyper­ba­ric cham­bers at your dispo­sal
You can leave your car at one of the dedi­ca­ted par­king spots.

What will happen during your visit?

Remem­ber that each ses­sion lasts 1.5 hours, so eat some­thing light befo­re the pro­ce­du­re. On the day of the ses­sion, avo­id drin­king alco­hol, car­bo­na­ted drinks, or ener­gy drinks. It is recom­men­ded to refra­in from smo­king at least 2 hours befo­re the ses­sion. Wear com­for­ta­ble clo­thing. During the ses­sion, do not use a tele­pho­ne and other elec­tro­nic devi­ces. In return, we enco­ura­ge you to use our reading cor­ner.

0  min.
  • Com­pres­sion
0  min.
  • Relax
0  min.
  • Decom­pres­sion
0  min.
  • Pres­su­re
0  ATA

Incre­ased atmo­sphe­ric pres­su­re during the ses­sion allows oxy­gen to pene­tra­te your skin to your blo­od sup­ply. The effects can be noti­ce­able after 2 ses­sions.

  • Oxy­gen
0  %

The incre­ased amo­unt of con­cen­tra­ted oxy­gen acce­le­ra­tes che­mi­cal reac­tions, sup­ports the body­’s natu­ral rege­ne­ra­ti­ve capa­bi­li­ties.

  • Effects

The effects can be noti­ce­able after 2 ses­sions.


A sin­gle ses­sion lasts 90 minu­tes. Pri­ces for indi­vi­du­al custo­mers.

of the ses­sion
  • 140 PLN/session
  • For total of 450 minu­tes in the cham­ber.
700 PLN
of the ses­sion
  • 130 PLN/session
  • For total of 900 min. in the cham­ber
1300 PLN
of the ses­sion
  • 120 PLN/session
  • For total of 1350 min. in the cham­ber
1800 PLN
of the ses­sion
  • 110 PLN/session
  • For total of 1800 min. in the cham­ber
2200 PLN

We are waiting for you in OxyBed Studio


If you want to:

  • impro­ve your phy­si­cal per­for­man­ce and achie­ve bet­ter results in sport,
  • take care of appe­aran­ce and men­tal con­di­tion,
  • acti­ve­ly sup­port your body in the healing pro­cess,

visit us at Oxy­Bed Stu­dio in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz.

The­re are 2 hyper­ba­ric cham­bers at your dispo­sal
You can leave your car at one of the dedi­ca­ted par­king spots.

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